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General rules for the installation of powerline


Generally accepted guidelines

  • max. 8 Powerline devices are connected to the same power grid
  • The max. length of the power cord must not exceed 200 m and depends among other things the quality of the power cable and the number and type of electrical equipment.
  • If possible,the devices directly plug socket in the wall, where the signal is strongest.

Phase Coupler

Capacitive Phase Couplers are necessary for Inhouse PLC Sytsems to guarantee best transmission possible and signal availability on each final outlet of the mains.


Therefor ALLNET deverloped a range of Phase Couplers wich are optimized for special reuirements as regards freqency range and impedance. 1- and 3-phase versions are available, i.e. 3-phase version for DIN-rail-mounting

Powerline accessory

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3 phases + LX "passive"


ALL168x AC 250 / 440 V
4 x 22nFX2
phase coupler, 3 Phase version with LX"Coupling to other networks"
Frequency range 1-40 MHz
CE- and VDE proved


Phase Coupler for Power Line networks for installation in the fuse box (DIN-Rail)


Combines all phases of the home power network with each other and makes the Powerline signal to electrical power sockets in a circuit available. About the fourth LX-phase cross-connections can be implemented to other circuits when electricity meter, earth leakage (GFCI), circuit breakers and similar obstacles for power line communications must be overcome.


Attention. This article must only be installed by authorised and
qualified persons.


Technical Details:

Frequency Range:


Nominal Voltage:

AC 250/440V

Temperature Range:

-25°C - 100°C