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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.


Foundation of ALLNET Austria Office in Vienna

Besides the headquarter in Villach, ALLNET Austria now has a new office in Vienna.


Foundation of ALLNET USA

In alliance with ALLNET GmbH, ALLNET USA is currently the exclusive distributor for ALLNET brand products. This partnership is another important step to make our ALLNET brand available around the globe.


ALLe machen MINT

Start of the ALLNET STEM initiative for more school practice.


Foundation of ALLCYCLE

ALLNET launches an own regional container service.


Foundation of ALLNET.Swiss

ALLNET expands to Switzerland with the foundation of ALLNET.Swiss. 


Development of our education system

ALLNET develops its own electronic learning system Brick´R´knowledge to support the knowledge transfer in schools and continuing education places. 


Company´s kindergarden

The kindergarden "ALLNEST" started running in the summer of 2014. The kindergarden is not only accessible to ALLNET staff but also to the citizens of Germering. 

2014 Summer

New production center

In spring 2014 the production center in Berekfürdő, Hungary opened. 

2014 Spring


In summer 2013 ALLNET founded a new branch office in Taiwan called ALLNET Asia. ALLNET Asia staff is also responsible for the product development and purchasing. 

2013 Summer

Extension of office building

The extension of our office building in Germering finished in spring 2013 and offers modern rooms and offices for the next years at ALLNET. 

2013 Spring

Branch office in China

ALLNET opened a new branch office for sales and purchasing in China which enables us to deliver faster and more flexible while having a growing product assortment.


Foundation of training center

In the same year, the trainings center 802.lab changed house into the modern training rooms in Allershausen. Since the warehouse is just around the corner, it´s possible to buy the products directly after the training lessons.

2009 Summer

ALLNET´s LED brand

By founding Synergy21, ALLNET was able to povide the growing LED market with the latest lighting technology. Synergy21 does not only develop cost-saving LEDs but also controllers.

2009 Spring

New warehouse

ALLNET bought a 16.000qm large logistics center in the north of Munich and is centrally located at a traffic-favourable position. This step helped ALLNET to create excellent logistics fort future growing and extension of the product range.

2008 Summer


One year later ALLNET Istanbul was founded in Turkey.

2008 Spring

Foundation of ALLNET.FRANCE

The expansion continues: ALLNET.FRANCE was founded to supply the booming french market.


Foundation of ALLNET Spain

ALLNET founded ALLNET Spain for the countries Spain and Portugal. Same year one of our greatest events took place: The first ICT solution day. wurden die Fachhandelspartner schon vor dem immer noch anhaltenden Boom mit praktischen und verfügbaren Lösungen unterstützt. Mittlerweile hat ALLNET das Potential von VoIP und UC-Lösungen erkannt und bereits vorzeitig den TK-Bereich massiv ausgebaut.


New subsidies in Hungary and Romania

ALLNET founded two new subsidies in Hungary and Romania that are still producing ALLNET products and ensure a continuous and extremely flexible delivery.


Foundation of ALLNET.ITALIA

ALLNET founded its most successful subsidiary worldwide: ALLNET.ITALIA which is located in Bologna, Italy.


Trade fairs

ALLNET exhibited for the first time at the trade faire “Systems” in Munich and at “CeBIT” in Hannover. Due to the expansion of business fields, ALLNET is now present at a lot of German trade fairs such as “Light and Building”, “Security” and “Heim und Handwerk”.


New headquaters

ALLNET moved house due to the increasing manpower: ALLNET´s new headquarters are Maistraße 2 in Germering.


Foundation of ALLNET Taiwan

The first foreign branch was being founded in Taiwan. This led to excellent quality because of important and long-time contacts to hardware manufacturers. Within the next 20 years ALLENT´s assortment was growing massively. Today powerline, PoE, networking, video surveillance and home automation are the main focus of ALLNET brand products.


Foundation of ALLDIS

One year later the subsidiary company ALLDIS was being founded and is still distributing IT and PC components and CE products until today. Furthermore ALLDIS offers configurable and energy saving PC complete systems under the trademark of flepo.



ALLNET GmbH is founded in 1991 in Germering near Munich. In the beginning the main focus was on the distribution of networking cards, switches as well as on own networking software products. Our founder and CEO Wolfgang Marcus Bauer was laying the foundation for the ALLNET product assortment -which consisted of a few hundred products already- with its innovative and visionary ideas and his important contacts to Asia. Shortly after the foundation ALLNET branded products were being added to the portfolio to fulfill the requirements of the market in a better way and even more importantly, faster. As time goes by more distribution partners were being added and therefore ALLNET´s distribution assortment was growing rapidly.