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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

Building automation

The IP-based control, measurement and control systems of ALLNET offers modern, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for the management and control of your IT systems and / or other technical building equipment. You can control everything from a PC, notebook or other mobile device. Whether the devices that you control or measure, are in the same building or on another continent. The medium is your existing computer network and the Internet. Measure values such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, etc. You can receive warnings about temperature limits, water levels, gas smell, movement messages easily by Email. In addition to regular measurements such as power consumption and power feeding from the photovoltaic system, the state of all components can be monitored from anywhere via network.

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Power measurement


Sustainable power saving is only possible, when you know the correct usage. The ALLNET Powermeter helps to identify load peaks and to reduce the power consumption based on these readings. With the powermeters the three phases of the power line can be accessed directly. Thanks to the induction clamps you always get the latest consumption data, without any intervention into the house wiring. This increases safety and comfort equally. The numerous network features allow a custom processing or specific evaluation and archiving of measured data. The rapid processing of measured data, as well as network-wide access, turn the Powermeter series into an innovative analysis tool for displaying the power consumption. The Powermeter measures the power consumption every second and saves a middle value every 5 minutes. The storage interval can be individually extended to adapt to your own requirements. 

How to connect the power meter to the power cord? First, there are induction clamps, the optical reader and the measurement via S0 contacts. Which type you use depends on your electricity meter.


If you own an older model that does not support an optical reader, use the induction terminals. These three induction clamps are opened and simply placed over the three phases of the power cord.

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If you have a modern electricity meter, place the optical reader at the designated area.

S0 Schnittstelle

The third way is the measurement via S0 contacts. In this case two power cables are plugged in the appropriate ports on the electricity meter and the Powermeter. Since not all Powermeter support all connectivity options natively, there are adapters for induction terminals and S0 contacts.

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