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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

Industrial switches for DIN rail

The difference between industrial and normal switches is defined by the possibility of installation, they are normally assembled onto a DIN rail. Furthermore industrial switches have extended temperature ranges and redundant power inputs. This means that you can supply your switch not only by a power supply but e.g. also via phoenix terminal. Moreover they are designed smaller: If there´s not a lot of space available – e.g. in a street lamp – you can still install the industrial switch.

Entry Line smart managed switches

Differences between Professional Line and Entry Line

The Professional Line offers the following exclusive options:

  • Partial certification according to EN60068-2-6 Vibration
  • Partial certification to EN60068-2-27 Shock
  • Partial certification according to EN60068-2-32 Free Case,
  • Partial certification according to EN 50155/EN50121-3 Railroad, EN50155/EN50121-4 Railroad
  • Partial alarm relays which are activated when a power supply fails
  • Partial ERPSv2 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching

Outdoor Switches

For special outdoor applications we offer IP67 outdoor switches with PoE.
Special features:
- Fanless metal housing with optimized heat dissipation
- Extended temperature range from -40° ~ +75
- IP67 protection class with waterproof metal housing
- Overvoltage protection with 6KV (10/700us)
- PoE according to IEEE802.3at (30W) and IEEE802.3af (15.4W)
- Passed tests: IEC60068-2-6 (Vibration) / IEC60068-2-27 (Impact) / IEC60068-2-32 (Free Fall)