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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.


In the first step, it is important to understand what Powerline is and how it works. In short, Powerline is a technology that uses existing power lines to establish a network for data transmission. The maximum data transfer rate is currently at 1200Mbit with a maximum distance of approx. 300 meters.

Network of 2 PCs

Networking two PCs is particularly easy: You choose the location for the computers and the type of connection between the computer and the ALLNET Powerline adapters. The ALLNET Powerline product series offers the right type for all common interfaces. You connect both computers to the powerline adapter using the patch cable supplied and plug it into the nearest power socket. Data communication is now possible throughout the house, in all rooms and on all floors. It may be necessary to install a phase coupler.

Network of multiple PCs

With Powerline you can also build a network of more than two PCs. With ALLNET Powerline products the existing power lines can be used for data transmission. This makes it very easy to build a local network without installing new cables. For data transmission, each PC is easily connected to an ALLNET Powerline adapter in the power outlet. To access the Internet, connect the ALLNET Powerline adapter to a Router or DSL modem. From now on all PCs in the network have access to the Internet. Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to install a phase coupler.


The new SmartLink technology allows reliable and faster data transfer with a significant speed update. Existing Powerline adapters have used only two of the three possible lines. SmartLink, for the first time, uses the ground conductor, next to phase and neutral conductors, for data transmission. This uses the full performance potential of the power line. In addition to a significant speed-update of up to 600Mbit the range and reliability of the powerline signal increases significantly. Even in remote locations, like the basement or in the attic high data rates can be used. 

Our SmartLink products:



An additional advantage comes with the so called Passthrough technology. This means that an additional socket is placed on the Powerline adapter. At this socket devices can be connected, without disturbing the Powerline signal.

Our passthrough products: