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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

SmartLink technology


The new ALLNET powerline home next Generation

The new smart technology enables a reliable and faster data transmission and therefore delivers a significantly higher speed update for powerline user. Existing powerline adapters only use two out of three wires. SmartLink now uses not only the phase and neutral conductor but also the ground wire for data transmission. Thereby it can fulfill the full performance potential of the electricity line. Besides a considerably speed gain of up to 1200Mbit, the reach and reliability of the powerline signal is also increased. Even isolated rooms in basements or lofts are now onnected with a higher data rate.



  • Supports MIMO, thereby double the transmission speed compared to 600 Mbit PowerLine
  • Powerful internet connection with significantly higher range
  • Uses ground next to phase an neutral
  • Optimized signal interference on powerline for better transmission
  • Automatic selection of best communications method