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ALLNET goes virtual – Desktop Virtualization with PCoIP

ALLNET goes virtuell – Desktop Virtualisierung mit PCoIP

ALLNET goes virtual – Desktop Virtualization with PCoIP

One of the most used protocols for desktop virtualization is PCoIP. PCoIP ist not only optimized for LAN but also for Wi-Fi connections.

The virtual desktops are provided by Horizon View in the computing centre. The user doesn´t have a CPU anymore, no operating system, no active cooling and no movable parts – The device is therefore fully soundless and almost maintenance free. Without an operating system on the Zero Client there is also no space for virus or malware attacks.

But it must not always be a VDI environment to use the Zero Client with the PCoIP protocol. Who hasn´t experienced the following: There is a high-performance PC for powerful and demanding graphic applications under the desktop which should be banned into the computing centre. For these cases there is a Teradici remote workstation card: This card which can be built into the PC and the miniDP outputs have to be connected to the DP or DVI connectors of the graphic card. The remote workstation card offers an Ethernet connection, which enables the transfer between the screen content of the graphic card and the Zero Client.

For smaller environments with fewer demands there is a software solution. The workstation access software can be installed within minutes and you´re ready to work. The workstation access software can also be installed on common virtual devices by VMware ESX – thus there is no need for a broker.

By using the Teradici Accelerator card (installed on the VMware ESX server) the CPU of the ESX server drastically relieved when working with the virtual desktops. The PCoIP encoding tasks are not performed by the hardware CPU but by the APEX 2800 accelerator card.

PCoIP devices at a glance:

  • Zero Client dual monitor ALL –ZC-2321P (with and without PoE)
  •  Zero Client quad monitor ALL-ZC-2140P-xx (with DVI or DP)
  • AIO monitor with integrated Zero Client (ALL-AIO-2321P)
  • Dual monitor card HC-2220
  • Dual monitor card HC-2240
  • Teradici workstation access software
  • Teradici Accelerator cards APEX 2800 LP/MXM

PCoIP in the ALLNET reseller shop:

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