Welcome to the ALLNET universe!You´re on the main page. Now you can choose between ALLNET Brand, ALLNET Distribution, the LED paradise Synergy21, the innovative electronic learning system Brick´R´knowledge and 802.lab, our training center. 
ALLNET Distribution
ALLNET DistributionWe focus on being the best one in our business segment. Only the concentration on our own knowledge and expertise as a specialist enables us to offer innovative premium products from our manufacturing partners at fair prices. As a distributor, we focus on a comprehensive product portfolio of future-oriented networking, surveillance and communications solutions.  In pre- and after-sales, our customers are always supported by our experts. The ALLNET "chef services", guarantees highest possible success and satisfied customers.
ALLDAQALLDAQ was founded as a new business unit of ALLNET GmbH. ALLDAQ´s portfolio is divided into development and distribution, bringing a wide range of measurement solutions for use in industry, research and education.
802.labThe 802.lab training center is one of the leading training centers for resellers in Germany. Together with our distribution partners, we can provide you with almost 150 trainings and certifications per year - in all important areas of modern telecommunications and networking products. ALLNET also offers trainings and workshops held by ALLNET specialists, to teach the basics in wireless and enterprise networking technology.
ALLNET inhouse brand
ALLNET inhouse brandALLNET is a developer and manufacturer of modern network and communication technology and many innovative products in the areas of networking, digital signage, video surveillance and building automation are developed in our own laboratories. Through flexibility, speed and innovation, ALLNET develops its own solutions, products and business models that meet the market requirements of today and tomorrow.
Synergy21Synergy21 is active in the market for
energy-saving lighting since 2008 and now has an extremely wide assortment in the field of LED, controllers, power supplies and consumer products. Whether battery-operated outdoor devices or high-power LED-devices, Synergy 21 has always an energy-saving alternative! The controllers give the LEDs a broad functionality and thus allow the design of various, individual lighting effects, which can be realized only with the LED technology. With Synergy 21 you are ready for the LEDevolution!
Brick'R'knowledgeThe innovative Brick'R'knowledge system allows a playfull contact to electrical components, sizes and functions. The system also helps to collect electronics knowledge and transfers them to the next generation. The different bricks can be easily plugged together to individual solutions to experience simple and complex topics of electrical engineering. 
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