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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

Bullet network cameras

Better image quality, day and night vision, motion detection, tracking, PoE capable, open standards, integration with NVR and other features distinguish some ALLNET cameras and are available for outdoor and indoor use.

bullet network cameras

What is a fixed lens?

As the name implies, a fixed lens is set to one view angle. Fixed

lens are known for its cheaper prices and its high quality picture/audio, despite its limitations. Its wide angle can eliminate dead zones in smaller areas.

Motorized lens network cameras

What is a motorized lens?

Motorized lens allows you to remotely adjust your camera on your phone or NVR. With optical zoom, you’ll never lose detail when zooming in or out. No need of handling the lens, so no more opening up the camera to adjust it.