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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

ALLNET VPN / UTM securitiy products

VPN - Virtual Private Network


VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables the connection of different computers and networks wherever they are located.


Via site to site VPN various locations or subsidiaries can be connected to a big secure multi-site network. To achieve this one or more VPN tunnels is established via the internet. All transferred data is sent from location to location via the encrypted and secured tunnel, this prevents unauthorized access. Usually the VPN tunnel connection is established via VPN routers and gateways, installed on every location.


Site to End VPN allows external workers to get mobile access to the corporate network. In this case the VPN tunnel connection is established via VPN client-software on a notebook or mobile device and the encrypted VPN tunnel in the company headquarters.


Sample application: