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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

Multi Gigabit über Koaxialkabel

Stop wondering how to make the most of your current coaxial infrastructure within buildings. ALLNET EOC's Ethernet over Coax-Cable technology provides the key to maximizing these setups, enabling the creation of robust broadband networks.

This groundbreaking solution completely transforms the utilization of existing distributors and connection points by exclusively harnessing the potential of coaxial cables.

Tailored to fit your needs:

  • 100MHz Variant: Ideal for simultaneous use with the DVB-C television signal, delivering an impressive 750Mbit/s bandwidth.

  • 200MHz Version: When dedicated solely to broadband/DATA ONLY use, experience an astonishing maximum bandwidth of up to 1700Mbit/s.

Simple Setup, Powerful Network:

The distribution amplifier, ALL-GHN108M-Coax, offers a seamlessly integrated solution for establishing a gigabit network across 8 coaxial strands:

  • Up to 8 modems per coaxial strand: Depending on the model, these modems provide a net of 750 Mbit (100MHz/100 series) or even 1700 Mbit (200MHz/200 series).

  • Versatile usage: Compatibility with cable network operators offers speeds up to 750 Mbit; without this limitation, speeds of up to 1700 Mbit can be achieved.

  • Intelligent functionality: The ALL-GHN108M-Coax amplifier effortlessly manages tasks like filtering, amplifying, and splitting TV signals, seamlessly integrating network data.

  • Effortless installation: No need for complex mounting boards or intricate installations. Simple, efficient, and ready to go.

  • Precision settings: Digital adjustment of signal strength and tilt for optimal performance.

  • Service made simple: Built-in power meter streamlines service during and post-installation, ensuring a seamless user experience.

ALLNET EOC's Ethernet over Coax-Cable technology empowers you to maximize existing resources while seamlessly constructing powerful broadband networks tailored precisely to your requirements.

Installation diagram

Use cases that would be suitable for the ALLNET EOC solution:

  1. Upgrading Networks in Residential or Multi-Family Buildings:

    • Use Case: Utilizing the existing coax infrastructure in residential areas or multi-family buildings to implement a high-speed broadband network that supports both fast internet connections and simultaneous DVB-C television.
  2. Integration for Cable Network Operators:

    • Use Case: Cable network operators can leverage this technology to optimize the existing coax infrastructure, offering customers higher bandwidth. Integration of the ALL-GHN108M-Coax amplifier allows delivering both TV services and high-speed internet over the same coaxial strands.
  3. Business Environments and Office Buildings:

    • Use Case: Businesses with pre-existing coax infrastructure can utilize this technology to enhance their network capacity. The flexible bandwidth options (100MHz or 200MHz) allow for a tailored solution based on specific enterprise needs.
  4. Enhancing Network Availability in Educational Institutions:

    • Use Case: Schools or universities equipped with existing coax cabling can use EOC technology to increase network availability and speed. This enables faster data transfer for educational resources and multimedia applications.
  5. Hotels and Hospitality Sector:

    • Use Case: Hotels utilizing coaxial cables for TV services can augment their network capacity with this technology. This allows offering guests faster internet without compromising the existing TV services.

These use cases illustrate the versatility of ALLNET EOC technology and how it can be employed to maximize existing resources, establish broadband networks, and fulfill diverse requirements across various environments.