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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

Combined automation

ALLNET brings the world of IT, building automation and video surveillance with the combined automation solution together. This happens by the use of the new ALLNET Layer 2+ switches which have additional management functions that allow them to work together with the ALLNET control centers. In the web interface of the control center you are now able to integrate the ports of the Layer2+ switches which means that you can not only access your building automation products, like sensors and actors but also your IT network. Furthermore it´s now possible to create generic events with a video surveillance software. 

Example of an integrated automation

One example scenario of a combined automation is the surveillance of a warehouse. Imagine there is a warehouse with an entrance door, an IP camera that is installed nearby should pan to the door every time someone enters the area.    

  1. Any sort of motion happens at the entrance door of the warehouse
  2. The motion detector at the entrance door detects the motion
  3. The control center receives the information of the motion detector
  4. The control centers switches port 3 of the Layer2+ PoE switch on, where an infrared headlights is connected that is now activated
  5. The control center generates a generic event within the network with the help of the module “networkoptix”: the reaction “pan PTZ camera to the door” is activated and the IP camera executes that motion

Features of the Layer2+ switches

Additionally the control center could send an e-mail to the person concerned or switch the ports of the switches on or off at a specific point of time. You can also connect various sensors or actors to the control center, find more at solutions, building automation. By using generic events with the video surveillance software networkoptix you can pan ALLNET PTZ cameras for example to a specific location depending on the sensor. The Layer2+ switches do not only offer the possibility to integrate them into the ALLNET building automation but also the following features: 

  • Smart fan, that change the rotation speed depending on temperature which leads to a lower noise generation
  • Virtual & physical stacking
  • PoE time planer, that switches the individual ports at a specific time automatically on and off 
  • PD alive function, which pings the connected devices in specific cycles 
  • PoE oower management by prioritization like class, attribution or LLDP-MED
  • JSON 3rd party API for developers and the integration in the ALLNET MSR world
  • e-Spider, to manage the switches within your network
  • Voice VLAN
  • Integrated DHCP server for internal VLANs

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