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ALLSIGNAGE Software - Digitale Cloud Marketing



ALLSIGNAGE - Digital Signage in a productive environment

When and where is Digital Signage used and what does this term mean?

Digital Signage covers, so to speak, everything that can be displayed digitally on monitors and displays to show media content.

The banal Wikipedia explanation is

"The term Digital Signage describes the use of digital (possibly interactive) media content in advertising and information systems such as electronic posters, electronic traffic signs, advertising in shops (instore marketing), digital door signage or large-screen projections indoors and outdoors." Source:Wikipedia

The use of digital signage is very versatile and has been integrated in our environment for years now, and it is impossible to imagine life without it. The original advertising spaces such as advertising columns and billboards in city centres and car parks are being replaced by large LED screens or panels.


The advantage of these digital media is obvious. Media content can be sent centrally to these devices from anywhere in the world and the content is more versatile and can be changed quickly. Videos and interactive content can also be displayed in this way to appeal to many customers at the same time. It is no longer necessary to commission companies to place posters etc. and the benefit of an advertising space is increased many times over.

A Digital Signage Software offers the possibility to upload multimedia content like videos, pictures and interactive applications, control their timing and also swap them as needed. In order to assign the right content to different customers, a group is assigned to the customers.  Also, the resolution and format is assigned to each different group. The customized content playlists are then allocated to the different groups.


Free registration at Secure two free devices permanently.


Why has ALLNET programmed its own software?

Our customers come from the IT business and are in direct contact with the target group for signage software and hardware. The requests for a simple and inexpensive software increased in recent years, especially after the expansion of the product portfolio of ALLNET Android PoE Tablets. To complete the portfolio in the signage area, the ALLSIGNAGE software was developed.

Register today for free at and secure two free devices permanently. (The software is in beta 2 status until March 2020 and will be improved. During this test period you can use up to 5 devices for testing. Devices must not be used in productive use at customer sites, as the devices will be set to inactive after the end of the test period). After the test period, 2 devices will be available to you free of charge.



- Easy to use

- Monthly cancellation and additional booking of displays

- No device constraint

- Android devices and all devices that can display a browser can be integrated

- ALLNET home automation integration

- Simple customer satisfaction/ evaluation system integrated

- SIP Telephony Integration

- Inhouse signage as an internal infotainment solution

- Overlay function to show information on all existing displays

- Template management and creation of own templates

- Youtube Playlist Integration

- RTSP Camera Stream Integration

- Active customer management in your own account

- Configuration helper app for Android phones (add many devices quickly by scanning the QR Code)


The software is cloud based and can not be purchased through the shop, but only through ALLSIGNAGE (