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ALLNET USB Power Supply Quickcharge/PD

Flexible USB QuickCharge® PD power supplies from ALLNET
The ALLNET USB power supplies are characterized by high flexibility. You can charge almost all types of mobile devices with these power supplies. The standard USB port with 2.4A (green) works with APPLE and other mobile devices which do not support QC. The orange port supports QC u. PD and can adjust to the voltage requested. The highest power can be provided by the USB-C port, offering up to 20V/4.35A/87Watts depending on the model. With this
current laptops can also be charged.

Explanation PD and QC 3.0

The term USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) stands for a handshake protocol in which either the electronically marked cables (integrated chip) or the devices negotiate the required power. So the power supply offers the end device a choice and it chooses what from it. Only then does the power supply activate the desired voltage and current to the corresponding pins. In principle, sources may also supply values other than those specified in the USB-PD specification. But only a maximum of 5 amps at 20 volts, i.e. a maximum of 100 watts.
Quick Charge® is a technology for fast charging e.g. for smartphones, developed by the chip manufacturer Qualcomm. Through high voltage, Quick Charge® technology enables higher charging speeds than a conventional charger.

Generally, it is important to pay attention to either certified or good cables for this purpose.

Technical data:

USB Power (PD) 3.0
Overload protection
Overcurrent protection
Overheat protection
Short circuit protection
Color: white
Country of origin China

ALLNET USB Power Supply Quickcharge/PD