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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

With ALLNET Powerline devices the existing power grid can be used for data transmission. Rooms or entire buildings can be retrofitted in a cost effective and efficient way with a full-fledged network infrastructure.

With ALLNET network attached storage (NAS) systems large mounds of data can be put in a central location over the network and are therefore available for all users of the network.

A switch represents a central element of the IT infrastructure because it allows the simultaneous connection of multiple computers in a local network. With an ALLLNET switch for example, several computers can share an internet connection.


With the ALL3500 ALLNET offers a powerful platform for the supervision and automation of buildings. In automation with an ALL3500 as central component, the network takes over a central role since all the different components are connected and piloted this way.

With the new VDSL-Technique there are much higher data rates reachable than with the usual DSL connections. ALLNET VDSL modems are adequate for dedicated lines with 2-wire-connections up to a length of 2500 meters. To effectively use the speed advantage of up to 100 Mbit, ALLNET offers the required VDSL hardware.

Power over Ethernet technology grants the possibility to provide not only data but also power to network enabled devices.


With WLAN technology more and more devices can be connected wireless to the internet or local network. ALLNET provides, both for home and professional business environment, a broad lineup of products for multitude requirements and capabilities.

You have the possibility to create unknown flexibility with our individual assortment of DIY products.

...and away you go! With our DSL/ADSL2-Gateways even faster! Many Providers offer DSL - we offer the fitting hardware.

ALLNET features reasonable and capable IP-Cameras for the professional surveillance in buildings. ALLNET IP-Cameras are fitting both for the observation inside of rooms and buildings as well as for surveillance and access control in outdoor areas.

ALLNET KVM Switches allow to control several computers centralised with one mouse, keyboard and monitor. The KVM switch works as switch wich connects a set of input devices with several computers.


Print servers give the possibility of an additional and easy expansion of existing printers with a network-interface. With them it is possible to use older and smaller printers as centralized network printers. This way they help to reduce costs, because not every workstation needs its own printer anymore.

The 19" cubicle and cases are a reasonably priced possibility to store all passive and active network devices clean and space saving, safe and protected in a locked case.