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The ALLNET ALL-PoE CLK-1 has six interconnected seven segment display modules for displaying the time or other readings. Housed in a stable and high-quality aluminum case clock is powered via PoE to standard with energy and data and can thus be independent of current sockets operate with the required energy.
The clock can be in addition to the representation of the time used as a countdown timer, alarm or stopwatch. In addition, the values ​​of compatible sensors display. The large and very well readable elements can be read reliably even from a distance. To guarantee the best possible visibility, can customize the brightness of the digits. The great advantage of ALLNET clock lies in its flexibility, because let via the button input all possible switching or pulse tie.

The ideal place where the ALL-PoE CLK-1, for example, industrial plants or production lines, where large and easy to read display elements are required. The clock also features an integrated web server, which includes various configuration options and allows a perfect adaptation to individual requirements. The ability to connect diverse signalers which ALLNET PoE Clock makes it an ideal and extremely flexible solution for use in companies, as well as for individual security applications. If you have multiple clocks in use, you can control at all clocks from a single location, to display one or several messages.

The Clock could easily mounted using a VESA-compliant adapter 7,5x7,5cm.

PoE Clock ALL-PoE-CLK-1