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The process of interlinking households, institutions or enterprises, steadily gets interrupted by the problem of connecting various kinds of devices with different ports and transmission media, which have to be integrated into a common network infrastructure. To guarantee a trouble-free cooperation of the devices in the network, media converters go into action. Hence, the transmission over various media is possible and the whole network infrastructure profits. The data input comes over one medium, for example via fiber optics. The media converter eventually alters the transmission medium, so that the data now can be out-put over e.g. the copper cable.




The conversion of the medium isn't just beneficial due to the interaction between different devices. The change of the transmission cable enables also the expansion of reach and speed of the data transfer. This goes hand in hand with the saving of costs, since the fiber cables bypass large distances easily. So, no further devices needs to be integrated into your network.

ALLNET Media Converter and Transceiver

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ALLNET 10G Fiber Media Converter



  • Mediaconverter from 10GBase-T to 10G Base-SFP+ Fibre-Port
  • down compatible to 2,5G-Base-T / 5G-Base-T Cooper and 2,5G-Base-X / 5G-Base-R Fibre
  • Workmode 1000Base-T to 1000Base-X / 2.5GBase-T to 2500Base-X / 5Gbase-T to 5GBase-R / 10Gbase-T to 10GBase-R
  • 1x 10G Cooper Port & 1x SFP+ Slot optional SFP+ Modules needed
  • 5V Power-Supply support also into the ALL-MCS014 Chassis

1. Overview

10G Base-T to 10G Base-R Media Converter supports two types media for network connection such as 10GBase-T and 10GBase-FX. The bridge media converter is designed with a 10Gbase Ethernet PHY chip that connects two types segments operation smoothly. This converter can be used as standalone unit or as slide-in module to the 19" converter rack Chassis for use at a central wiring closet.


Technical Details:





















Media Supported   



1000Base-T: Cat5 UTP/STP. MAX 100m;


2.5GBase-T: Cat5e UTP/STP. MAX 50m;   


5GBase-T: Cat5e UTP/STP. MAX 50m;


10G Base-T: Cat6a UTP/STP. MAX 50m;



Port Type   



RJ45,    SFP Slot   







Work Mode   



1000Base-T    to    1000Base-X


2.5GBase-T    to    2500Base-X


5Gbase-T        to    5GBase-R   


10Gbase-T      to    10GBase-R



Power Supply   



12V DC   










MAX 5W   



Operation Tempera tore   



0? to 55?



Relative Humidity   



5% to 80% (non-condensation)   






 Article NoProductname
ALLNET ALL4757 / Switch Modul SFP+(Mini-GBIC), 10Gbit, SR/LC,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4758 SFP+(Mini-GBIC), 10Gbit Singlemode, LR/LC, bis 20Km
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4760 SFP+(Mini-GBIC), 10Gbit Singlemode, bis 220m, LRM/LC, *nur für Multimode 50/125u Kabel OM1-4*
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4768 SFP+(Mini-GBIC), 10Gbit Singlemode, LR/LC, bis 40Km
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4769 SFP+(Mini-GBIC), 10Gbit Singlemode, LR/LC, bis 80Km
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4763 SFP+(Mini-GBIC), 10Gbit, B(Bidi)A/LC, Tx1270nm/Rx1330nm, 9u, 20Km,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4764 SFP+(Mini-GBIC), 10Gbit, B(Bidi)B/LC, Tx1330nm/Rx1270nm, 9u, 20Km,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4792 SFP(Mini-GBIC), 5Gbit, Multimode/LC,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4793 SFP(Mini-GBIC), 5Gbit, Singlemode/LC,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4790 SFP(Mini-GBIC), 2,5Gbit, Multimode/LC,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4791 SFP(Mini-GBIC), 2,5Gbit, Singlemode/LC,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4750 Mini-GBIC Modul,1000Mbit, SX/LC,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4753 Mini-GBIC Modul,1000Mbit, EX/LC, 40KM
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4755 Mini-GBIC Modul,1000Mbit, ZX/LC, 70-80KM
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4751 Mini-GBIC Modul,1000Mbit, LX/LC, 10Km
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4752 SFP(Mini-GBIC), 1000Mbit, LHX/LC, 20KM,
ALLNET Switch Modul ALL4756 SFP(Mini-GBIC), 1000Mbit, EZX/LC,120KM
ALLNET Medienkonverter Zubehör Wandmontage Option / Wallmount Option