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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

The basis - IP control units

Intelligent building technology contributes to an increase in safety and comfort and at the same time also ensures active savings in energy costs.

Centrally controlled and accessible via the Internet, ALLNET building automation allows intelligent and flexible access to the building technology and, of course, independently of the personal location. In addition to monitoring sensor values, it is also possible to switch actuators and other consumers. The control centers are scalable and can be networked with each other across locations, which allows adaptation to a wide range of scenarios.

ALLNET sensor meters can be used to control and switch lights, blinds, ventilation or any connected devices. In addition, the temperature detection and demand-based heating of individual rooms, control of garden irrigation, alarming in case of gas smell and water intrusion up to the automatic opening and closing of the blinds depending on the daylight and much more - there are no limits to your ideas.

Control Units

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IP Buildingautomation Appliance for the DIN rail


The economical entry into the building automation


The ALLNET ALL3505 Buildingautomation Appliance provides a solid and cost-effective platform for the implementation of control

solutions based on measured data.


As the model ALL3500 based the ALL3505 on the new ALL5002 CPU board and a GNU / Linux firmware.


Thus it is open to your own applications and all additional modules ALL3000/4000/5000 series can be operated with the ALL3505

central unit. The ALL3505 can be conveniently read from anywhere via web interface, con gure and operate. The integrated XML

interface allows for easy integration into complex installations or proprietary software products for controlling and monitoring.


Controlling, measurement, regulation via network, Internet and Smartphone


Application examples:

  • Temperature monitoring in HACCP or alarm scenarios , as well as depending of alarm detection circuits
  • Climate control of a room by monitoring temperature and humidity, as well as needs-based control of heating and humidication.
  • Recognition of a crisis in mission critical areas and turn of alarms if you smell gas, ooding, smoke, etc.
  • Time-and humidity-controlled garden irrigation
  • Consumption-based circuit using external sensors such as ALL4950 power meter module
  • SNMP Modul


Compact, powerful, economical


The right platform for your building automation application

We are suceed in integrating a lot of functionality in a compact and cost-saving design in the ALL3505. This saves space and

cost, yet delivers impressive functionality. 8 sensor ports and Contact interfaces are available. Thus the ALL3505 is extremely



Sensors, actuators and switches


A wide productrange allows complex application


The ALL3505 central unit has eight ports for connecting external sensors and actuators. In addition, relays and contact modules

can be connected, for example, can be used for connecting switches, or buttons for switching any loads.


Thus, ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and much more can capture, share and process, as well


as switching processes via actuators or relays. This can be performed manually, time-controlled or depending of the detected values.




With Ethernet and built-in WLAN easily accessible

The ALL3505 central unit is accessed via an IP address in the TCP / IP network. The values can be accessed via the web browser

directly from the device, processed or sent periodically via email. An integrated XML interface is used for data retrieval and control

via the Internet, bringing the ALL3505 can be integrated into an overall control solution.




Use existing cable networks to connect sensors


To connect the measurement and control modules to the central units all ALLNET building automation products use a simple network

cable (RJ45 connector, Cat. 5). For this purpose, an existing wired network such as the own network or phone wiring can be

used. The maximum cable length between the central unit and module can be up to 100 meters. Here the modules are supplied

with voltage by the CPU. A separate power source for each module is not necessary.


USB Port


Integrate external radio technologies


External sensors / actuators can for example be connected via a separate wireless USB stick with the ALL3505. The ALL3505 can recognize and process these sensors. The following technologies / manufacturers are already integrated in the ALL3505:

  • Plugwise
  • EnOcean


Maximum number of sensors per ALL3505:





Technical Details:













8x RJ45 sensor modules



Network Interfaces:



1x RJ45 10/100Mbps



Wireless LAN:



Ralink RT3352 Chipset

2,4 GHz Wireless N

Safety: WEP 64/128bit, WPA, WPA2



Supported Standards:



IEEE 802.3

IEEE 802.3u

IEEE 802.11b/g/n



Additional Interfaces:



1x USB 2.0

1x Console



Power supply:



100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, extern power supply



Power consumption:



<5 watt maximum






PC/ABS housing DIN rail






Temperature operating: 0 ~ 40 °C

Humidity operating: 10% ~ 85% (non-condensing)

Temperature storage: -20 ~ 60 °C

Humidity storage: 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)












106 x 90 x 60 mm (L x W x H) 






300 grams (device incl. WLAN antenna and ALL3006 sensor)



Package content:




- ALLNET ALL3006 temperature sensor

- WLAN Antenna

- manual



 Article NoProductname
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL3003 / Schaltausgang (1 Optokoppler, potentialfrei)
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL3008 / Temperaturfühler für IP Gebäude Automation
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL3016 / Temperaturfühler wasserdicht & salzwasserbeständig für IP Gebäude Automation
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL3020 / Luftfeuchte & Temperatur für IP Gebäude Automation
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL3024 / 220-240V Netzspannungswächter
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL3036 Flüssigkeits-Pegelwächter für IP Gebäude Automation
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL3037 / Flüssigkeits-Pegelwächter für IP Gebäude Automation
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL3051 / PIR Bewegungsmelder
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4006 HUT / Temperaturfühler für Hutschiene
ALLNET MSR IO ALL4020 HUT / Schaltausgang (1 Relaiskontakt, potentialfrei)
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4024 HUT / Spannungswächter 1 phasig
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4429 / Luftdruck/Feuchte/Temperatur Sensor im Gehäuse
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4421 / 0-40V Gleich-Spannungsmesser im Gehäuse *weiss*
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4444 / 4 fach 220V Netzspannungswächter im Gehäuse
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4054 HUT / Schocksensor
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4056 HUT / Lärmsensor
ALLNET MSR Sensor zbh. ALL4404 / Portmultiplexer 8-fach *white*
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4506 / Temperatursensor
ALLNET MSR IO ALL4427 / 4 Port 250V/10A Relais im Gehäuse "AUSGANG"
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4524 / 220-240V Netzspannungswächter für ALL4500/5000
ALLNET MSR IO ALL4442 / 4-fach Kontakteingang mit Impulsverl.
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4452 / PIR Bewegungsmelder im Gehäuse
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4406 / Temperatursensor im Gehäuse *black*
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4406 / Temperatursensor im Gehäuse *white*
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4420 / Sensor für Luftfeuchte und Temperatur im Gehäuse *white*
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4425 / Kontaktzähler / S0 im Gehäuse *black*
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4425 / Kontaktzähler / S0 im Gehäuse *weiß*
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4432 / Helligkeitssensor analog im Metall Gehäuse *white*
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4454 / Rauchmelder/Gas-Sensor im Gehäuse "black"
ALLNET MSR Sensor ALL4454 / Rauchmelder/Gas-Sensor im Gehäuse "white"
ALLNET MSR zbh. COM-Port RJ45 Adapter mit 3 seriellen Ports f. z.B. ALL4500/3500/3691/3692/3693 etc.
ALLNET MSR zbh. EnOcean USB 300 Dongle