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Nous sommes un développeur et fabricant de technologie de réseau et communication perfectionnées. Nos produits innovants de réseau, stockage, sécurité et domotique sont conçues dans nos laboratoires et distribué dans les marches pays.

Future´s workplace 4.0

The workplace of the future already starts with entering the building: The RFID card reader receives the information from your personal ID card and transfers it to the gateway for access control, which interprets your data and sends the programmed switching commands to the switch. 


The surveillance camera is supposed to record only, when you aren't on-site? No problem: The switch already sends the information of your absence to the IP-camera. It switches off to save power. 


The LT PoE switch activates those ports, whose are relevant for your workplace: Your PC turns on, the IP telephone boots and the desk lamps starts shining. 


The PC is ready for use - the only thing that's missing is your personal password. The splitter is powering the PC with data and power, simultaneously it offers you the possibility to charge your smartphone or tablet at the two USB ports. 


Thanks to an LT PoE based network, we can make better use of workplaces. With the future's workplace, ALLNET establishes a completely new way of effective working. The future's workplace is an intelligent system to recognize and interpret the data of your employees. While your colleague sets out to his workplace, it gets prepared to his arrival. The workplace 4.0 increases the net working time of all your employees and offers an entirely new level of productivity.


The system scores points with substantial energy savings: the IP phone as well as all other devices powered by current get switched off, when the employee leaves the building and informs the system with his RFID card about the end of his work. Due to using LT PoE your devices are supplied with a power of up to 90 watts instead of the usual 30 watts (PoE standard 802.3at). This way, the work with energy saving computers can be enabled. The future's workplace can ¬exibly be integrated into your work environment and provides excellent outcomes. 


With your RFID card you signal your arrival at the company to the system. While you set out to your workplace, a gateway for access control transmits this information to the midspan, which is connected to a switch. This midspan sends the for you programmed switching commands via one (or more) repeater to another switch which is already situated at your workplace and activates the required ports for the devices necessary for your work.


In a matter of seconds the information of you setting out to your workplace is processed, so everything will be ready to work, as soon as you are ready.

Your advantages

- Savings in power and cost
- Increase of productivity
- Economy of time
- Security via access control
- Flexibility in toss-up
- Green IT

ALL048916 Midspan

The midspan is a Multiport-Injector: he generates PoE out of currentand data. The PoE with its output of up to 90 Watts gets transferred to all connected devices. The Switch doesn't have the PoE function, so the midspan puts this function at the switch's disposal.


The repeater lengthens the PoE signal for further100m (up to700m). There's no extern power supply needed. The repeater is also compatible to older PoE standards such as PoE-af and PoE-at.


The LT PoE switch links all integrated components of the workplace with the central midspan. It supports all connected devices with PoE and power of all in all 90 Watts.


The splitter divides the PoE junction: The LAN port is for the output of data, the phoenix terminals for the output of current. Additionally it contains two USB ports (each up to 2A) for supplying smartphones or tablets with power.