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Nous sommes un développeur et fabricant de technologie de réseau et communication perfectionnées. Nos produits innovants de réseau, stockage, sécurité et domotique sont conçues dans nos laboratoires et distribué dans les marches pays.

The next ALLNET Powerline generation

The new SmartLink Technology allows faster and more reliable data transfer and boosts the overall network performance for powerline user. Up to now, powerline has used only two of the possible three lines for communication. SmartLink for the first time uses ground next to phase and neutral for data transfer via powerline.

This allows even to supply remote areas, like cellar or attic and expands the speed advantages to every room in the house.


  • Powerful internet connection with significantly higher range
  • Uses ground next to phase an neutral
  • Optimized signal interference on powerline for better transmission
  • Automatic selection of best communications method

1200Mbit Powerline Adapter SmartLink