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Power over Ethernet Powered Device - What is that?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) refers to a technology that can not only provide data for end devices compatible with the network, but also supply them with power via the network cable. In this way, the power supply at the end device can be left out, and the installation can also be carried out in places without power sockets. This can save a lot of installation and operation cost. Active PoE end devices are automatically identified by the ALLNET product line and supplied separately depending on their power requirements. The combination of switch/injector, repeater and splitter allows a range of more than 500 meters. At the end of the line, you can also supply end devices that do not support PoE with up to 25 V/DC using a splitter.


Application Example

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Es ist wichtig zu wissen, wie viel Leistung Ihr Endgerät benötigt, damit am Anfang der Leitung genügend Leistung zugeführt wird, da diese mit der Länge des Kabels immer mehr abnimmt.