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Nous sommes un développeur et fabricant de technologie de réseau et communication perfectionnées. Nos produits innovants de réseau, stockage, sécurité et domotique sont conçues dans nos laboratoires et distribué dans les marches pays.

Industrial environment

High-performance PoE, supporting up to 60W per port, as well as technical and material adjustments to industrial environments, characterizes the ALLNET product series for industrial network devices. These adaptions are outward features, such as compact, especially rugged constructions or technical features, such as an extended temperature range of -40°C up to +75°C and a redundant power supply.  

The ALLNET industrial devices are mounted onto a DIN rail with a common power supply of 24V. The minimum voltage for PoE devices is 48V, which means that some of our industrial products contain an integrated power booster. This booster is marked in the product's name with a "B", to offer highest flexibility for your network. 

For all devices - also those of other manufacturers - that do not offer an integrated power booster, ALLNET developed the external power booster "ALL-B100-24VDC" in order to provide PD devices with up to 95W.