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Nous sommes un développeur et fabricant de technologie de réseau et communication perfectionnées. Nos produits innovants de réseau, stockage, sécurité et domotique sont conçues dans nos laboratoires et distribué dans les marches pays.


VDSL is a DSL technology that offers higher data transfer rates by using the standard 2-wire telephone lines than the ADSL or ADSL2+ standards.

The ALLNET VDSL2 components are perfect for The ALLNET VDSL2 Master DSLAM / Switch or Master Modem can realized in conjunction with the ALL126AS2 VDSL Slave a leased line via a simple 2-wire copper cables for a distance of up to 2.5 kilometers. For short distances bandwidths of up to 100 Mbit/s are possible. Simultaneously analog telephones can be connected and operated via the same line. An existing telephone wiring can be used as well for data services with high performance, such as broadband internet, video-on-demand, IPTV, Voice over IP, video conferencing, telemedicine or many other services. Especially for hotels and hospitals, this technology is a perfect solution, combining low cost and high-performance network applications with a minimal effort.

Our VDSL2 products: