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Nous sommes un développeur et fabricant de technologie de réseau et communication perfectionnées. Nos produits innovants de réseau, stockage, sécurité et domotique sont conçues dans nos laboratoires et distribué dans les marches pays.

Professional Controller Solution - 50 AP´ s

The ALLNET ALL-WAPC series is designed to control up to 50 access points of the ALL-WAPC series via the ALL-WAPC0450C wireless controller. Complete configuration and management can be done through the controller's intuitive web interface.

All access points are centrally controlled and managed by the ALL-WAPC0450C. If you change a setting, such as the password, all access points are automatically addressed, use the new setting and will be restarted to finish the process.

The choice of access points is deliberately chosen so that there are suitable options for every place of use, so currently devices are available for indoor, semi-outdoor IP55 and full-outdoor IP68 operation.

The comparison chart shows the outstanding advantages of the ALLNET ALLWAPC series.