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ALLNET powerline solution to simply connect two PCs

The cross linking of zwo PCs is extremly easy:

Just connect each PC with an ALLNET powerline adapter; thereafter plug the powerline adaptors in a power outlet. That’s it!

From now on, you can use your local power grid for data communication. In some cases you might need a special PHASENKOPPLER

ALLNET powerline solution to connect multiple PCs with joint internet connection

You can use the ALLNET powerline technology also to create a powerful network, with share internet access.

ALLNET powerline adaptors can turn an existing power supply lines into a powerful powerline network for data communication. This allows an easy setup of an in-house network without installing additional network cables.

To share the internet connection, simply connect an ALLNET powerline adaptor with a router or DSL modem. As of now all PCs connected to the powerline network can use the shared internet connection.


Übersicht Powerline Adapter