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What is a covert camera?

Basically the intelligence of the camera is in a little box that can be installed inside of walls or ceilings and is connected via cable with a lens which is the only part that protrudes from the wall or ceiling. So this means that instead of a common big camera, all you can see is the little lens in a room.

Why should you use a covert camera?

First of all, a covert type camera is not as reachable as standard IP cams which means that this type is perfect for vandalism intensive areas. Secondly the camera will blend in with the environment better – because of the color and size – which makes it harder for suspicious people to actually identify it. Of course this argument does not only apply to the topic of vandalism but also to design. The benefit for retail stores, banks, hotels and company buildings is easy to spot: It simply looks better! Last but not least a covert camera is very comfortable to install since the maximum cable length between the central and the sensor is 2 meters: this is the perfect solution for hollow walls and suspended ceilings!