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Desktop Switches Fast Ethernet

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5-Port Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) Layer-2 Switch fanless for Desktop




  • Complies with 10MBASE-T specifications of the IEEE802.3 standard
  • Complies with 100MBASE-TX specifications of the IEEE802.3u standard
  • Supports NWay protocol for speed (10/100Mbps) and duplex mode (Half/Full) auto-detection
  • Supports MDI/MDI-X auto crossover
  • Store-and-forward architecture filters fragment & CRC error packets
  • Supports 2K MAC address entries in whole system


This is a 10/100 Mbps NWay switch with outstanding performance and high efficiency. With the 5 10/100M ports with NWay auto-negotiation function, the device fulfills the needs of connecting the partners of network with best network speed and Duplex mode automatically. It is ideal for SOHO and Home network.


Unlike shared 10/100 Mbps networks, the switch eliminates the bandwidth congestion problem by providing dedicated bandwidth. Duplex mode also doubles the bandwidth by enabling two-ways communication.


Store- and-forward service is the proof of low latency and non-error package delivering, such as CRC and runt. Plug & play and all kinds of network protocols compilation make the installation & network management easy and fast. The Easy-to-tell LED indicators are the best helper of users to know the working situation of the switch.



Technical Details:




IEEE802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3x


5* 10/100 Mbps NWay RJ-45 ports

NWay Protocol Support:

Network speed: 10Mbps, 100Mps

Duplex mode: Full and Half

Puffer Menory:

384K bits Memory for whole system

Filtering/Forwarding Rate:

10Mbps: 14,880pps/14,800pps

100Mbps: 148,800pps/148,800pps


FCC, Ce Class B

LED indicators:

Sytsem: Power (Green)

Port: Link/Act (Green)

Operating Temperature:

0°-50°C (32°-122°F)

Operating Humidity:

5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)


70.5x89x25.5 mm

Power Supply:

External Power 5V/0.6A


 Article NoProductname
75932Patchkabel RJ45 FTP(F/UTP) 0.25m grau, CAT5e, Synergy 21,
75939Patchkabel RJ45 FTP(F/UTP) 0.5m grau, CAT5e, Synergy 21,
75946Patchkabel RJ45 FTP(F/UTP) 1.0m grau, CAT5e, Synergy 21,
75959Patchkabel RJ45 FTP(F/UTP) 2m grau, CAT5e, Synergy 21,
75966Patchkabel RJ45 FTP(F/UTP) 3m grau, CAT5e, Synergy 21,
75973Patchkabel RJ45 FTP(F/UTP) 5m grau, CAT5e, Synergy 21,
75979Patchkabel RJ45 FTP(F/UTP) 7.5m grau, CAT5e, Synergy 21,
75986Patchkabel RJ45 FTP(F/UTP) 10m grau, CAT5e, Synergy 21,
76029Patchkabel RJ45, 0.25m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy
76036Patchkabel RJ45, 0.5m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy 2
76043Patchkabel RJ45, 1.0m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy 2
76056Patchkabel RJ45, 2m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy 21,
76063Patchkabel RJ45, 3m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy 21,
76070Patchkabel RJ45, 5m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy 21,
76077Patchkabel RJ45, 7.5m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy 2
76084Patchkabel RJ45, 10m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy 21,
76091Patchkabel RJ45, 15m grau, CAT5e, S-FTP(SF/UTP), Synergy 21,
76117Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 0.25m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Syne
76124Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 0.5m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Syner
76133Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 1.0m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Syner
76151Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 2m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Synergy
76160Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 3m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Synergy
76169Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 5m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Synergy
76178Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 7.5m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Syner
76187Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 10m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Synergy
76196Patchkabel RJ45, CAT6 250Mhz, 15m grau, S-STP(S/FTP), Synergy