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We are a developer and manufacturer of advanced networking and communications technology. Our innovative networking, storage, security and home automation products are designed in our own laboratories and distributed in many European countries.

Security And Monitoring Sensors

The sensors are the heart of ALLNET building testing and provide a comprehensive way to obtain data about the environment and climate and use it, for example, to control actuators and I/O inputs via the sensor meters.

Signal lamp / signal light

Door / Window Sensors

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- Mini stick-on contact with flange

- Self-adhesive and screw mount

- Max. Contact Resistance (OHM) = 0,2

- Max Rating Current (mA) = 500mA

- Max. Switching Voltage (VDC) = 100VDC

- 12 inch (30cm) side leads with AWG #24

- Magnet : NdFeB

- Color : white

- incl. 2 PIN-Phoenix Contact Connector for ALLNET MSR Series

Energieeffizienz Klasse A+
kwh/1000h: 20,00
Lumen: 2100
Watt: 20,0


 Article NoProductname
ALLNET MSR IO ALL3542 HUT / 8fach Kontakteingang m. Impulsverlängerung
ALLNET MSR IO ALL4442 / 4-fach Kontakteingang mit Impulsverl.
ALLNET MSR Zentrale "ALL3419" inkl. 3 Sensor Ports & WLAN & Temperaturfühler "ALL3006" für IP Gebäude Automation
ALLNET MSR Zentrale "ALL3500" inkl. 4 Sensor Ports & WLAN für IP Gebäude Automation
ALLNET MSR Zentrale "ALL3500PoE" inkl. 4 Sensor Ports & PoE & WLAN für IP Gebäude Automation
ALLNET MSR Powermeter Zentrale "ALL3692" inkl. 4 D0 & 2 S0 (opt.) & Induktion & 1 Sensor Ports für IP Gebäude Automation


Shock Sensors

Noise Detectors

Smoke / Gas Detectors

Motion Detectors

Fluid Level Sensors