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network thermometers

pdf-download 95629  Art. nr. 95629

Temperature measurement via network easy made



  • Temperature detection via network
  • Robust metal housing
  • Brackets for attachment to wall
  • Suitable for all operating systems

The ALLNET ALL3418v2 IP Thermometer is a flexible and economical solution for temperature measurement over a network. The very compact design makes it suitable for use in confined spaces. The rugged metal housing has tabs for mounting on walls and ceilings and protects against mechanical damage.

The ALL3418v2 IP thermometer is connected to a computer network via cable or WLAN and is accessible by an IP address. The measured values ​​can be accessed via web browser on the device itself. No additional software is required for operation. Thus the ALL3418v2 is appropriate for all operating systems.

The temperature is measured by the included remote temperature sensor ALL3006. Another internal onboard sensor shows the internal system temperature. With the optional ALL3018 temperature & humidity sensor can detect also humidity. The measurement intervals can be set second by second. The last 512 values can be shown directly as a graphical trend.

Intelligent features and programming by switching matrix

Depending on measured values certain actions can be programmed over the software based switching matrix. For example, if temperature is above or below defined limits, the readings can be sent by email. This may once, several times, and/or in certain time intervals, so long as the matrix condition exists.

Another possibility is switching of external IP switching devices, such as network-sockets series ALL307x or network-relay ALL4075 as well as directly connected actuators, for example the relay module ALL4427.

Flexible installation options

The external sensors can be plugged directly on ALL3418v2 or can be connected remotely via a control line. For remote connection a simple network cable (RJ45 connector, Cat. 5) is suitable to connect the sensors with the CPU. This way of connection is used in all ALLNET Home Automation products. For this purpose, an existing cable network such as already installed network or telephone lines can be used. The maximum cable length between CPU and sensor module can be up to 100 meters. The power supply of the sensor modules is already done via the main unit. A separate power source for each sensor module is not necessary.

Borderless Cross-site temperature measurement

Several ALL3418v2 can operate in conjunction with the bigger control and measurement computers ALLNET ALL4500 or ALL5000, to show a lot of geographically distributed values in a centralized way. Each individual ALL3418v2 is queried over an individual IP address and centrally stored and displayed in an ALL4500/5000.





Sensor interface:

1x RJ45 for sensor modules


1x RJ45 10/100Mbps

Wireless LAN:

Ralink RT3352 Chipset
2,4 GHz Wireless N, up to 150 Mbps

Security: WEP 64/128bit, WPA, WPA2


IEEE 802.3
IEEE 802.3u
IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Power source:

100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:

<3 watt in operation


rugged metal housing


Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C
Operating humidity: 10% ~ 85% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 °C
Storage humidity: 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)




89,5 x 52,2 (74) x 24 mm (LxWxH) 


115 g (ALL3418v2 with ALL3006 sensor)


36 month

Package content:

-ALLNET ALL3006 temperature sensor
-WLAN antenna
-External power supply
-Quick installation guide

Product Video


 Article NoProductnameAmount
No 2819628196ALLNET ALL3002 /Schaltausgang (1 Relaiskontakt, potentialfrei)1
No 2819728197ALLNET ALL3003 / Schaltausgang (1 Optokoppler, potentialfrei)1
No 2716627166ALLNET ALL3006 / Temperaturfühler1
No 2678026780ALLNET ALL3015 / Temperaturfühler WASSERDICHT1
No 2735927359ALLNET ALL3018 / Sensor für Luftfeuchte und Temperatur1
No 3350133501ALLNET ALL3024 / 220-240V Netzspannungswächter1
No 2790427904ALLNET ALL3025 / Kontaktzähler1
No 7681476814ALL3032 Helligkeitssensor analog1
No 3441734417ALLNET ALL3036 / Flüssigkeits-Pegelwächter1
No 3441834418ALLNET ALL3037 / Flüssigkeits-Pegelwächter1
No 3678836788ALLNET ALL3051 / PIR Bewegungsmelder1
No 6195761957ALLNET ALL3054 / Schocksensor1
No 9166691666ALLNET ALL4504 / Multiplexing Modul-Hub 8-fach1
No 8828388283ALLNET ALL4506 / Temperatursensor Multiplexing1
No 8828488284ALLNET ALL4520 / Relaisausgang 16A/250V potentialfrei1
No 8828288282ALLNET ALL4524 / 220-240V Netzspannungswächter1
No 8972289722ALLNET ALL4526 / Schalteingang (1 Kontakteingang)1
No 8828188281ALLNET ALL4529 / Luftdruck/Feuchte/Temperatur Sensor1
No 8828588285ALLNET ALL4532 / Helligkeitssensor analog1
No 9882098820ALLNET ALL4404 / Multiplexing Modul-Hub 8-fach1
No 9882198821ALLNET ALL4406 / Temperatursensor im Gehäuse1
No 101321101321ALLNET ALL4406 / Temperatursensor im Gehäuse *white*1
No 9882398823ALLNET ALL4418 / Kombi-Sensor Luftfeucht/Temp. im Gehäuse1
No 9882498824ALLNET ALL4425 / Kontaktzähler im Gehäuse1
No 101320101320ALLNET ALL4425 / Kontaktzähler / S0 im Gehäuse *weiss*1
No 9882598825ALLNET ALL4427 / Relaismodul 4 Port 250V / 10A im Metall-Gehäuse1
No 9882898828ALLNET ALL4429 / Luftdruck/Feuchte/Temperatur Sensor im Metallgehäuse1
No 9883198831ALLNET ALL4432 / Helligkeitssensor analog im Metall Gehäuse1
No 9883698836ALLNET ALL4442 / Kontakteingang 4-fach im Metall Gehäuse1
No 9883898838ALLNET ALL4444 / Netzspannungswächter 220-240V 4fach Gehäuse1
No 9884098840ALLNET ALL4452 / PIR Bewegungsmelder im Gehäuse1
No 9668996689ALLNET ALL4454 / Rauch(gas)sensor für ALL4500 und ALL5001
No 102435102435ALLNET ALL4454 / Rauchmelder/Sensor im Gehäuse *black*1
No 9432094320ALLNET ALL3073WLAN / WLAN-Steckdose, schaltbar per Netzwerk/IP1


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